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“Transformers: War for Cybertron” Game Trailer Gives Geekboners


Cybertron.  Check. Epic Space Battles.  Check. Cool Alt-vehicle modes.  Check. Optimus Prime wielding a gigantic Battle Ax and kicking ass.  Check. Geeks popping geek-boners.  Check.

View the trailer for Activision’s “Transformers: War for Cybertron” after the jump.

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Idiot Kid Drinks Gas to Become a Transformer


Are people getting dumber? Are parents involved in their kids’ lives at all anymore?

I bring up these questions because some kid in China started drinking gasoline 5 years ago when he was 9 so we would become more like a Transformer.  He was inspired to do so after viewing the Transformers cartoon series.

The youngster was so impressed that he began drinking fuel on a daily basis to “obtain energy” and become a mighty warrior like the Transformers. [Russia Today]

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geekTastic! Transforming Ravage 2GB USB Flash Stick!


Would you pay $42.99 for a 2 GB Flash Memory Stick? You would if it was a friggin’ Transformer!!!

Usually you can get a plain ol’ USB Flash Memory stick for about $25.  So there is a geek tax here.  But never have I been so willing to shell out my hard earned cash for a USB memory stick!

These start shipping in September, so pre-order yours today at

geekGasm! Transformers and G. I. Joe Complete DVD Sets Coming Soon!


Shout Factory has given me another excuse to spend my hard earned cash and make my wife question my sanity.  Complete DVD sets of the original Transformers and G. I. Joe TV shows will be available in mid-July.  These are the sets I’ve been waiting for! Although a bit pricey, this is a large chunk of my childhood I’ll finally be able to own.

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LOL! Transforminators: A McG/Michael Bay Film

What if and got their man-love on and gave birth to a new movie? We’d have Transforminators!

Here’s a pretty genius mash up between the Transformers 2 Trailer and the Terminator: Salvation trailer.

[Source: Slashfilm]

LOL! No No Nno NnOoOo! It’s Shia LaBeouf!

Shia LaBeouf should win an award for the most “NO”s in a single movie. Here are his best NO moments from Transformers, Surf’s Up and Disturbia. Thanks to my buddy Josh for the tip!