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iSaw, The Worlds First USB Powered Chain Saw, Ships This Fall!


Introducing iSaw.  The world’s first USB powered Chain Saw! These sweet little babies start shipping in September 2009 and are perfect for all your office Chain Saw needs.  The USB chainsaw can be used to slice your microwave pizza, cutting yesterdays stale meatball sub in half, or creating a window in your cubicle.

I’ve pre-ordered mine ($59.99 is a STEAL!!) are you going to pre-order yours?

Pre-order, get more information and download wallpapers at


15.2 x 5.8 x 5.1 inches
(385 x 147 x 130mm)

Approximate weight
8.2 lbs (3.7 kg)

Operating Environment
Home and office use
(Standard precautions apply)

Powered by USB 2.0.

Mac + PC compatible.

[Source: Gizmodo]

geekTastic! Transforming Ravage 2GB USB Flash Stick!


Would you pay $42.99 for a 2 GB Flash Memory Stick? You would if it was a friggin’ Transformer!!!

Usually you can get a plain ol’ USB Flash Memory stick for about $25.  So there is a geek tax here.  But never have I been so willing to shell out my hard earned cash for a USB memory stick!

These start shipping in September, so pre-order yours today at

Death Star Vs. Enterprise

Unfortunately, The Enterprise is no match for the Death Star.  The video is hosted at  Current and the description states that The Enterprise had to be stopped because they were whale poaching in the waters surrounding San Francisco.

[Source: Cinematical]

The Periodic Table of Superheroics


This is awesome and full of Geekness.  Created by Geekologie reader, Mike, this oozes awesomeness.

geekTastic! Action Flick T-Shirts!


Now you to can emulate your favorite action hero! Walk around with your gun and badge peeking out from your coat.  Make sure no one messes with you as they notice the string of M-16 bullets around your chest.  Show that you can take a hit from metal claws and keep on going!

These Hero Vests from Spinning Hat are just what you need for your daily badassness (or wann-a-bee badassness).  You know you want these, head over to Spinning Hat and give them your money!

Check out the full line after the jump.

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geekArticle: Reflections on Contra


“The Contra series may just be the most manly series of all-time, and is the main factor in the rapid expansion of puberty across the nation. The original game doesn’t even have a story. Aliens are on an island, two macho shirtless dudes blow them the fuck up. Why didn’t the UN just bomb the damn place? “Screw that, we’re on a budget guys. Just send in two of the buffest commandos you got. Oh, and make sure they’re wearing headbands. I hear aliens hate those.”

[Power-up! #1: Spread Shot(Contra series) by GoshdarnBatman, Hardcore Nerdity]

I found this little reflection by GoshdarnBatman from Hardcore Nerdity on Contra amusing.  It took me back to the many hours me and my buddies would spend playing this slice of Nintendo heaven.  Click the above link to read the article and check out some screens below. Enjoy!