If It’s Halloween, It Must Be Saw: Why Saw Works Despite Itself.


*This article contains spoilers for the Saw series.  You’ve been warned.

Successful long running Horror franchises can be counted on one hand. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and now Saw have made it past 5 installments.  Normally franchises don’t get past 3 and remain successful.  For example: Superman, X-men, and Alien all miserably failed by the third film.  However, for some reason the Horror genre has had success despite horrible sequels.  3 of the 4 listed Horror franchises were created back in the 80s, and a new franchise hadn’t emerged in over 20 years.  So, why has Saw remained so successful? Especially, since it’s notorious killer died in the third installment?

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