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Machete Is Coming For You September 3rd!

Machete, the “Mexploitation” film starring Danny Trejo and directed by Robert Rodriguez, based on the fake Grindhouse trailer, finally has an official REAL trailer (released via Ain’t It Cool News on Cinco de Mayo)!

20th Century Fox will be bringing Machete to theaters on Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd, 2010.

Check it out after the jump:

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Confirmed: Machete IS Moving Forward, Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis to Direct


I had given up hope that Robert Rodriguez’s long rumored Grindhouse-Fake-Trailer-Turned-Feature-Film Machete was never going to get made.  This morning those of us who care got some great news, Robert Rodriguez will be co-directing the feature length “Mex-ploitation” flick Machete with his go-to editor Ethan Maniquis.

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Rodriguez Teases that Machete is Still On Track

Ever since seeing Grindhouse, LOVING the fake trailer for the “Mexploitation” flick Machete with Danny Trejo, and THEN hearing they may make a full length movie, I feel like we’ve been strung along by Rodriguez.  Is this movie going to be made? Is this wishful thinking?

This past week at SXSW, Robert Rodriguez gave info about upcoming projects, and Machete was one of the items mentioned.

According to Slashfilm: Robert went on to insist that the long talked about feature length version of Machete will happen, and that he’s “got the script” and is “ready to go”.

It would be awesome to see a full Machete flick.  We’ll just have to continue to wait and see, but this is some pretty great news!

[Source: Slashfilm]