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William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Saga


I’m a sucker for pretty much anything Star Wars and I have a fondness for William Shakespeare. However, never in my wildest dreams did I think someone would combine the two! Ian Doesher has and the result is pretty humorous. I’m not sure if these will last past an initial read-through, but I’m happy they exist and have added them to this years Christmas List.

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May the Fourth Be With You!

Let’s all remember, and light a candle for the Original Trilogy. In our minds it remains unaltered by shitty CGI, Han shoots first, and we can sing with the Ewoks.

Yub Nub and May the Force Be With You All.

Star Wars Blu Ray Announcement Greeted With “Meh.” and Shrugs

Star Wars if finally coming to Blu Ray.  That announcement was met with a collective nerd shrug as there was no announcement regarding the un-enhanced Original Trilogy appearing on the Blu Ray set.  Do we really want to see bad CGI “enhancements” continuing to plague the Star Wars Trilogy? And does anyone care to see the Prequels and all their wooden acting and bad CGI in High Def? George Lucas thinks so!

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2 Star Wars iPhone Games Will Make Me Love My iPhone Even More

The creators of the Lightsaber Duel App (THQ Wireless will release it in April!) for the iPhone are about to unleash another Geek App for the iPhone. This time you get to run the Tatooine Cantina and serve up Star Wars characters.

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Kid Attempts to Behead Brother with Dual Lightsabers!


This made me laugh.  Figured I should share it.  This isn’t far off from me and my brother when we used to play “Star Wars” back in the day.

Here’s the original link to the pic.  Looks like someone had fun with Photoshop.

[Source: Geekologie]

Death Star Vs. Enterprise

Unfortunately, The Enterprise is no match for the Death Star.  The video is hosted at  Current and the description states that The Enterprise had to be stopped because they were whale poaching in the waters surrounding San Francisco.

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May the Chipmunk be With You

Space Cowboy

Photographer Chris McVeigh lures the chipmunks in his backyard with nuts and gets some amazing pictures. Here are pictures he’s done with Star Wars action figures. Astounding! View his Flickr Gallery for hi-res pics.  Also, make sure you check out all his other photos.  Pretty awesome stuff.

[Source: Slashfilm]

Star Wars Legos: Prequels vs Original


In honor of Unofficial Star Wars Day, I think it’s relevant to get on a little Prequels Vs. Original Trilogy topic.  The topic at hand are Star Wars Legos.  I love legos, today Gizmodo released a huge gallery of the history of Star Wars Legos since they started being created in 1999.  These pictures came from a 10 year annivesary poster that is no longer available, but a book is on the way!

See the great article, along with some fun other posts at Gizmodo.  Below I present the gallery sorted by Original Trilogy characters and Prequel/Clone Wars characters.  I think the Original Trilogy Characters are the most inspired, but that’s just me! What do you think?

View the gallery after the jump:

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Star Wars Weekends are Coming to Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida

Here are the promotional posters for Star Wars Weekends that are coming to Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida (hey…why’s California getting the shaft?!).  Pretty awesome posters.  Star Wars weekends begin May 22  – June 14th.  These were created strictly for employees to get them pumped up for the event.

[Source:  Cinematical]

geekTastic! Star Wars as Fine Art by Christian Waggoner

Atlanta artist Christian Waggoner has created some of the most interesting (and worthy of purchasing) Star Wars Fine Art I’ve ever seen.  These 3 pieces show classic Star Wars scenes as reflected by other characters in the scene.  They all are very interesting perspectives, and the detail is quite striking.

If you want to purchase a print, you have 3 options:

  • Giclee Print (Paper): starting at $125
  • Giclee Print (Sm Canvas): starting at $325
  • Giclee Print (Lg Canvas): starting at $1,125.00

You can see these 3 pieces of art at Acme Archives Direct, as well as other quality art pieces from many other artists.  These 3 however, are a significant stand out among the Star Wars art featured.  If I had the cash, I’d totally be buying the Large Canvas prints for my future mini-theater lounge (when I strike it rich, of course!).

[Source: Slashfilm]