Weaponized Baby Carriage? Yes, please!!


Were you planning on having kids during the impending Zombie Apolcalypse? Or are you thinking of procreating in order to save the near extinct and enslaved human race after our planet has been overrun by Aliens who resemble giant grasshoppers?

Well, then you should probably invest in Shi Jinsong’s Gun Shape Baby Carriage. I know I would!

[Source: DesignBoom via Geekologie]

Watch the Zombie Apocalypse Unfold with the Zombie Outbreak Simulator


Ever wonder what a Zombie Outbreak could look like? Thanks to Binary Space‘s Zombie Outbreak Simulator, you can control the variables and see the results.  Just head over to and let the Zombie Apocalypse unfold!

Here is Binary Space‘s description of Zombie Outbreak Simulator:

Zombie Outbreak Sim is a sandbox game where you can witness 100′s and 1000′s of zombies sweeping across Washington DC on Google Maps. This particular map is close to the Catholic University of America, north of the Pentagon. Players can modify various settings such as zombie numbers, speed, infection times and so on, and then watch the results unfold.

[Source: Slashfilm]

What if Superheroes has Massive Badass Beards?


What if your favorite Geek Icons had massive badass beards? Croatian illustrator, Vanja Mrgan shows us the beautiful possiblities with a series of illustrations.

See the rest on Vanja’s deviantART page.

[Source: Vanja’s deviantART page via LaughingSquid via Geekologie]

Someone much cooler than me created a Lego Serenity


Someone who is much more creative than me, but a fan of Firefly created a Lego Serenity spaceship.  It’s awesome and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it.

Check out more pics:

[Source: Brickshelf Gallery via myconfinedspace via Slashfilm]

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Attack Wall Vinyl Decal Rules


Name one little boy that wouldn’t want this in his room. . . . go ahead . . . just try! If you can’t, maybe your kid is a sissy.  OK, just kidding.  But I think we all could agree that this TRex Decal rules.  Now, if only I can talk my wife into getting this for our room!

Order yours now! It’s only $45.  That’s a bargain for a lifetime of traumatization.

[Source: Geekologie]

Can a Bed Make You Hungry? The Cheeseburger Bed Can!


Best.  Bed Idea.  Ever.

My life would be complete if I could just own a Cheeseburger Bed.  Visit the Facebook Page and if you trust Ebay you may be able to own this amazing bed!

Would it be weird to salivate before bedtime every night?

iSaw, The Worlds First USB Powered Chain Saw, Ships This Fall!


Introducing iSaw.  The world’s first USB powered Chain Saw! These sweet little babies start shipping in September 2009 and are perfect for all your office Chain Saw needs.  The USB chainsaw can be used to slice your microwave pizza, cutting yesterdays stale meatball sub in half, or creating a window in your cubicle.

I’ve pre-ordered mine ($59.99 is a STEAL!!) are you going to pre-order yours?

Pre-order, get more information and download wallpapers at


15.2 x 5.8 x 5.1 inches
(385 x 147 x 130mm)

Approximate weight
8.2 lbs (3.7 kg)

Operating Environment
Home and office use
(Standard precautions apply)

Powered by USB 2.0.

Mac + PC compatible.

[Source: Gizmodo]

geekTastic! Transforming Ravage 2GB USB Flash Stick!


Would you pay $42.99 for a 2 GB Flash Memory Stick? You would if it was a friggin’ Transformer!!!

Usually you can get a plain ol’ USB Flash Memory stick for about $25.  So there is a geek tax here.  But never have I been so willing to shell out my hard earned cash for a USB memory stick!

These start shipping in September, so pre-order yours today at

geekTastic! Zombie Jello Mold? Finally!

zombie-jelloFinally, I have something to help celebrate my daughter’s 4th birthday in style! Princess Cake and a Zombie Jello Mold!

Thinkgeek (one of the coolest waste-my-money sites around) is offering this awesome Zombie Jello Mold for only $15!

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Survive the Potential Zombie Virus Outbreak in Style with Designer Gas Masks!


In the event of the inevitable Z-Virus outbreak that could potentially turn us all into mindless zombies, Diddo has bee thinking ahead.  Here, you could survive turning into a Zombie and battle the undead in style!

Order yours today at