BP Oil Spill Kills Aquaman

The Aquaman Shrine gives us a look at what the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico has done to our favorite aquatic superhero.

It’s a sad day.

Real Ghostbusters Bust Ghosts at The New York Public Library

The group Improv Everywhere decided to re-create the opening scene to Ghostbusters at The New York Public Library.  The result is a hilarious and harmless practical joke.  Watch the video after the jump:

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The Trustworthiness of Beards: A Chart

When planning on growing a beard, it’s helpful to know the perception you’ll be giving off with your facial growth.  Matt McInerney (@mattmc) of has created a handy chart on the Trustworthiness of Beards.  Click HERE to view in full size.  Good luck with your beard growth.

[Source: @ddemoss]

Serenity Web Comic FTW

If you love Firefly and the movie Serenity, this comic is for you.  If you’re not initiated to that series, you most likely will not get this at all.

Written by Mark Bourne, with artwork by Mike Russell (@culturepulp) and Bill Mudron, this will give you Serenity fans plenty of LOLs.  Enjoy after the jump (click each panel to enlarge):

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Dean Tripp Captures Barack Obama Looking At Awesome Things

One of the perks of being the President of the United States, is that you get to check out all the classified stuff that Joe Normal doesn’t get to see.  Photographer Dean Tripp tagged along as President Obama got a tour of All Things Awesome!

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An Argument for Movie Piracy

One of my major pet peeves is commercials and trailers on the Blu Ray and DVD format.  Even worse are trailers and ads that you are FORCED to watch.  If you’re going to show trailers, can’t the manufacturers at least let us skip directly to the Main Menu if we don’t want to see them?

The above picture [click it to enlarge] does a great job of explaining my point.  If you want to watch a certain movie, sometimes it’s easier to pirate the thing.  I really hope movie studios are listening to the grumblings of movie buffs like myself.  We’ve paid money for the movies we own, let us watch them!

“I’m on a MAC Mutha-F*cka!” Best Fake Mac Ad yet

If this was an actual commercial it would rule. Spoofing The Lonely Island’s, I’m on a Boat.  Hilarious.  Watch NOW.

Watch the video for The Lonely Island’s, I’m on a Boat, after the jump which is just as hilarious:

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Google Maps captures old woman hit by a firetruck!






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Spiderman Arrested in L.A. for Slugging the Innocent!


A Spider-man impersonator was arrested for alleged assault on Hollywood Blvd.  No further details are available on what caused the altercation, however it can be assumed the Spider-man impersonator mistook an innocent bystander as Morbius.

The impersonator, 39-year-old Christopher Loomis, was one of 4 Spider-man impersonators in the area, causing some confusion for police arriving on the scene.  Loomis was being held on outstanding misdemeanor warrants in lieu of $5,500 bail.

[Source: LA Times via Slashfilm]

Was Today a Good Day? Did You Use Your AK? Consult the Flow Chart.


What confirms that you’ve had a good day? Well, according to Ice Cube, if you get through the day without using your AK . . . today is a good day.

Now, we have the flow chart to keep track of the ultimate good day! Click HERE for the full PDF version in all it’s glory. 

Also, if you have time to pass, follow along with Ice Cube after the jump:

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