2 Star Wars iPhone Games Will Make Me Love My iPhone Even More

The creators of the Lightsaber Duel App (THQ Wireless will release it in April!) for the iPhone are about to unleash another Geek App for the iPhone. This time you get to run the Tatooine Cantina and serve up Star Wars characters.

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geekFix! Happy New Music/Movie Tuesday: 04.28.2009

Welcome to my new weekly column showcasing the “must haves” for your New Release Tuesdays! Buy, Rent or Borrow, just make sure you check these out!


nofx-coaster NOFX: Coaster

It’s hard to believe NOFX has been around for 25 years.  NOFX has been delivering consistently good irreverent punk rock over 11 full length albums and a pile of EPs and 7″ singles.

Coaster shows us that they are still relevant today as they were 25 years ago.  This could be their best album yet, and from what I’ve heard could end up being my favorite NOFX album.

From Absolutepunk:

Breezy, lighter and simple, Coaster will give those who’ve never listened a solid base for what to expect as they learn to find the art & pure entertainment/joy in any NOFX record. It might not change the course of music today, but for a band who isn’t U2 or Metallica to remain this vital and successful after nearly 30 years of making records? The real joke seems to be on all those who still have yet to appreciate 25 years of dedication, honesty & consistency.

Buy it from Amazon: MP3 download or CD

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