Video Games

Super Mario Bros. Turns 25 Today!


25 years ago, my brother (@duregger) and I saved up our allowance for 6 months or so in order to raise $99 so we could buy the brand new, state -of-the-art Nintendo Entertainment System.  We even created one of those thermometer posters with our target goal and would color the thermometer red whenever we’d add cash to our jar.

I remember when we finally had the money saved up, we went with our dad to buy the NES.  It was one of my fondest memories because we had worked so hard to save up that money.  We gave the clerk at the nearby toy store our money and took home the NES.  We then set it up to our Radio Shack television and played Super Mario Bros the rest of the day. 

To this day, the music, characters and sound effects are engrained on my DNA and I’ve been a gamer ever since.

Happy Birthday Super Mario Bros! I will love you until my dying day!

2 Star Wars iPhone Games Will Make Me Love My iPhone Even More

The creators of the Lightsaber Duel App (THQ Wireless will release it in April!) for the iPhone are about to unleash another Geek App for the iPhone. This time you get to run the Tatooine Cantina and serve up Star Wars characters.

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