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Death Note: Performance

Season 1 : Ep. 21|23:10|

The Yotsuba Group hires Eraldo Coil to uncover L’s identity.

Death Note: Makeshift

Season 1 : Ep. 20|23:03|

L’s team discovers that the Yotsuba Group meet in secret to discuss the elimination of individuals who are troublesome to their company…

Death Note: Matsuda

Season 1 : Ep. 19|23:04|

Matsuda, the task force member assigned to watch Misa, is eager to distinguish himself…

Finally back to watching Death Note. Gonna marathon it. Bear with me.

Death Note: Episode 18, Ally

Season 1 : Ep. 18|23:03|
Though L is still suspicious, Light and Misa, their memories of being Kira wiped clean, return to headquarters…

Death Note: Episode 17, Execution

Season 1 : Ep. 17|23:06|
After fifty days of confinement the killings continue, and Misa and Light are released.

Death Note: Episode 16, Decision

Season 1 : Ep. 16|23:06|
Misa is in confinement, though her memories of the Death Note have been completely wiped away.

Death Note: Episode 15, Wager

Season 1 : Ep. 15|23:05|
Evidence turns up that points to Misa Amane as the second Kira.

Death Note: Episode 14, Friend

Season 1 : Ep. 14|23:07|
Light and Misa show each other their Death Notes, and Light asks Misa to have her shinigami Rem get rid of L.

Death Note: Episode 13, Confession

Season 1 : Ep. 13|23:06|
Light goes to Aoyama to discover the identity of the second Kira before L becomes more suspicious.

Death Note: Episode 12, Love

Season 1 : Ep. 12|23:09|
With a second Kira now on the loose, L asks Light to join the task force and pose as the real Kira in order to catch the copycat.