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HD Movies Available to Buy in iTunes


With iTunes 8 and beginning in April, you will be able to buy HD movies. At $19 a movie, you’ll be able to own the 4G movie file. Better have a huge hard drive and back that thing up!

I’ve never been a fan of owning a movie download. Blu-Ray holds about 30 to 50 gigs of info, so you know that a 4 gig movie is NOT true HD.  And $19? If you spend about $5 to $10 more you will have all the bonus content AND not have to worry about losing data.  So, to me it’s not worth it.

Gizmodo has a great article about this as well as a couple other articles explaining why download-able HD is not really HD.  Check out the links after the jump.

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Can the iPod Shuffle Get Any Smaller?

Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple.  Seriously.  This new iPod Shuffle can get stuck up a small child’s nose.  Or swallowed.  It’s getting a little ridiculous.

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