WTF? Nicolas Cage? The Sorcerers Apprentice?

WTF? Nicolas Cage? The Sorcerers Apprentice?


This has been a good week for laughs directed at Nicolas Cage.  First, with yet another horrendous example of acting and hair in Knowing, now with horrendous hair and possible horrendous acting in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  A live action film based on the story from Disney’s Fantasia.  Courtesty of JustJared, this photo shows Nicolas Cage filming a scene in a subway station with co-star Jay Baruchel.

According to /Film:

“Loosely adapted from the classic story from Fantasia and based in modern-day Manhattan, Baruchel stars as Cage’s Apprentice, who gets into trouble when the broomstick he’s tasked to do his chores while the Sorcerer is away somehow develops a mind of its own. Alfred Molina, not pictured, plays an evil sorcerer.”

Seriously, is it in Nic Cage‘s contract to have horrific, wacked out hair in every film he’s in?  (Remember to play the Nic Cage Hair Game).  The man is continuing on his downward spiral.  I don’t see how he keeps getting cast in movies.  By the way, I’ll see about posting the HILARIOUS YouTube video of all the best scenes from The Wicker Man.  I may do a tribute to Nic Cage post sometime over the weekend.

[Source: Slashfilm]