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Official 31 Days of Halloween Schedule Posted!

Here is my official 31  Days of Halloween schedule.  Follow along if you like!


DVD/Blu Ray Releases for 10/27/2009

Buying movies is almost a dangerous obession with me.  I love it, and probably have spent more money on movies in my lifetime than any sane person.  At least I’m not spending money on heroine.

New Movie Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.  Here are this week’s releases as well as my recommendations.

Being the film snob I am, I will recommend the Blu Ray versions of these flicks if available.

Must Buy:

Night of the Creeps [Blu-ray]

Night of the Creeps [Blu-ray]

List Price: $24.95
Amazon Price: $16.49

8 new or used available from $16.49

Average customer review:

Night of the Creeps is this weeks MUST BUY. Don’t think about it, go to the store, plunk down your cash and get it. It’s never had a DVD release and the Blu Ray transfer is pretty stunning.

As Halloween nears, here are 5 Horror gems of 2009 to check out:


If you’re like me, the whole month of October is pretty much Halloween.  I love the holiday and start celebrating it on October 1st by beginning to watch mass amounts of scary movies.  So, in order to help you plan  your Halloween viewing parties, here is a list of my top 5 Horror Blu Ray/DVD releases of 2009.  I’ll even include Netflix links so you can easily add them to your list.

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Want to be Michael Myers? Got $249.00?


Got $249 to blow? Bloody Disgusting gives us a look at your chance to own a replica of Michael Myers’ mask designed for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2.  See more pictures and find out how to buy from The Prop Shop over at Bloody Disgusting!

Our Psychopath H2 mask is based on Toth’s sculpt for the new Halloween due out in Aug. Our H2 mask is the most detailed mask we’ve ever offered! Screen accurate sculpt, paint and hair. Each mask is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Very limited, 100% hand made, not mass produced.” The Prop Shop

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]