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Iconic Fantasy Illustrator, Frank Frazetta Dies at 82

The standard that all Fantasy Illustrations try to live up to, Frank Frazetta, has died at the age of 82.    Responsible for the iconic depictions of Conan the Barbarian and John Carter of Mars, Frazetta made a living painting muscle bound brutes, dragons and scantily clad curvy women.

Mr. Frazetta informed an entire generation of fantasy geeks like myself.  His painting of Conan the Barbarian are what I gravitated to the most.  Fire and Ice is his most direct contribution to the animation world, with the help of Ralph Bakshi.

RIP Frank Frazetta, your imagination and beautiful contributions to the Fantasy genre will be missed.

[Source: New York Times]

Movie Review: Wolfhound


Wolfhound (Volkodav iz roda Serykh Psov)

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Directed By: Nikolai Lebedev

Starring: Aleksandr Bukharov, Oksana Akinshina, Aleksandr Domogarov, Igor Petrenko

Plot Synopsis:

He was condemned to death, but survived to wreak revenge for the murder of his clan. The last member of the clan of the Grey Hounds became a fearless warrior by the name of Wolfhound. After cheating death in the mines, Wolfhound sets out on a journey with his constant companion, the Earthbound Bat. Wolfhound has but one desire – to destroy the Maneater, a merciless warrior who slaughtered the village of the Grey Hounds.


The 2006 Russian Fantasy film Wolfhound, based on the novel by Maria Semyonova, is a welcomed entry in the Fantasy genre. Not enough of these movies are made, and when they are they are pretty horrible (Dungeons and Dragons).  So, when one comes around and is actually pretty awesome, reading subtitles is the least of my concerns.  Finally released on DVD in 2009, Wolfhound is an awesome ride.  If you love movies like Conan, Beastmaster, Krull and Lord of the Rings, then you’ll adore this little film.

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Movie Trailer: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Here’s the final trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I’ve always been a fan of the Harry Potter movies. One of the few franchises that gets better with every film. The effects always astound me.

Plot Synopsis:

Voldemort is tightening his grip on both the Muggle and wizarding worlds and Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven it once was. Harry suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching. Together they work to find the key to unlock Voldemort’s defenses and, to this end, Dumbledore recruits his old friend and colleague, the well-connected and unsuspecting bon vivant Professor Horace Slughorn, whom he believes holds crucial information.

Meanwhile, the students are under attack from a very different adversary as teenage hormones rage across the ramparts. Harry finds himself more and more drawn to Ginny, but so is Dean Thomas. And Lavender Brown has decided that Ron is the one for her, only she hadn’t counted on Romilda Vane’s chocolates! And then there’s Hermione, simpering with jealously but determined not to show her feelings. As romance blossoms, one student remains aloof. He is determined to make his mark, albeit a dark one. Love is in the air, but tragedy lies ahead and Hogwarts may never be the same again. [TrailerAddict]