Total Depression: Critics Hate Terminator Salvation

Total Depression: Critics Hate Terminator Salvation


McG.  McG. McG.  Seriously, just use your stupid real name.  I guarantee the negative reviews all begin with critics not taking someone named McG seriously.

I’m going to see Terminator: Salvation this weekend, with expectations lowered, but think it will still be a great time.  Look for my review next week.  Until then, here are the good and the bad for Terminator: Salvation:

The Bad:

T-4 might be mistaken by some as a Transformers sequel. Brandon Judell, CultureCatch

Technically, this is a well-made movie, but that doesn’t compensate for the predictability of the plotting, or the depressing lack of heart. Ian Berriman, SFX Magazine

The whole ordeal made me fantasize about building a time machine so I could send a cyborg into the past to terminate McG’s mother before she could give birth to him. Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures

The movie suffers from an inevitable tedium, which can best be summarized as: bang-bang-bang; pow, pow; fireball, fireball; ka-boom! Kurt Loder, MTV

Suffers from pedestrian dialogue and a surfeit of bad plot devices ranging from the merely too-convenient to the laugh-out-loud preposterous. Eric D. Snider,

Fuck this movie. Harry Knowles, [Ain’t It Cool News]

The Good:

McG manages to create truly thrilling adventure set pieces filled with an old-fashioned sort of thrills. Devin Faraci, Chud

Despite some laughably silly plot elements, McG has created an overall entertaining movie experience. Patrick Parker, Premiere Magazine

The machines are mindless, yes, but there are enough pyrotechnics and heavy artillery to feel like Armageddon squared. And when the story starts to crumble around Bale, Worthington is there to pick up the pieces. Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times

As long as McG keeps the action moving, the film remains on solid ground, matching and often surpassing the thoroughly adequate 2003 entry Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. Keith Phipps, AV Club

Packed with two hours of non-stop action, it delivers everything you could want from a ‘Terminator’ film and more. Much more. Pete Hammond,

There you have it.  Both sides.  I’m still looking forward to seeing it.  Critics seem to be way too harsh on Action flicks.  While they drooled over Star Trek and gave free passes to  some major plot holes, here they’re just slamming McG for creating an action movie with no “emotion.” I think if you want to see great visuals and want a fun ride, go see it.  If you’re looking for Children of Men go rent Children of Men.

P.S.  Harry Knowles review of Terminator Salvation is piece-of-crap-writing at it’s finest.

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