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Lights & Motion Debut Official Video For “The March”

Lights & Motion debut the official video for the song “The March” today. It’s pretty incredible.

“The March” can be found on Lights & Motion’s debut album, Reanimation, out now on Deep Elm Records.

This album (as well as Deep Elm’s entire catalog of 200+ releases) is now available on a Name Your Price basis here:

Deep Elm Records Sign Cinematic Post-rock Duo U137


Adam Tornblad and Oscar Gullbrandsen of Deep Elm’s Moonlit Sailor have a side project called U137. They are yet another “cinematic post-rock” artist that the label has signed along with Moonlit Sailor, Lights & Motion, and Dorena. As a long time fan of Explosions In The Sky, I’m not complaining…though I do worry about over-saturation. The album, Dreamer On The Run is set to release on August 20th, 2013. Stay tuned to The Backstage Pass podcast as I’m sure I’ll be featuring them soon.

See the full press release  below:

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The GeekCouch: Backstage Pass – Episode 08


This week, discover Kat EdmonsonLights & MotionGLISSMan The ChangeThe White Papers and Sonny Smith.

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