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Lights & Motion Debut Official Video For “The March”

Lights & Motion debut the official video for the song “The March” today. It’s pretty incredible.

“The March” can be found on Lights & Motion’s debut album, Reanimation, out now on Deep Elm Records.

This album (as well as Deep Elm’s entire catalog of 200+ releases) is now available on a Name Your Price basis here:

Deep Elm Records Sign Cinematic Post-rock Duo U137


Adam Tornblad and Oscar Gullbrandsen of Deep Elm’s Moonlit Sailor have a side project called U137. They are yet another “cinematic post-rock” artist that the label has signed along with Moonlit Sailor, Lights & Motion, and Dorena. As a long time fan of Explosions In The Sky, I’m not complaining…though I do worry about over-saturation. The album, Dreamer On The Run is set to release on August 20th, 2013. Stay tuned to The Backstage Pass podcast as I’m sure I’ll be featuring them soon.

See the full press release  below:

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Backstage Pass: Retro Edition – Episode 2


On August 7, 2007 I interviewed Chuck Daley about Deep Elm Records. At the time he was the “Promotional Director” for Deep Elm Records and I remember being pretty nervous leading up to this discussion. As you’ll hear, I had some technical difficulties and the audio quality of the conversation was a bit rough.

Chuck now runs Beartrap PR, a PR firm that handles a lot of bands on the East Coast. They provide about 75% of the tunes you hear on each week’s show. If you’re in a band and need someone to handle your PR…Chuck and Will over at Beartrap PR are your guys. They also run a record label, Tiny Engines. Check out ALL their bands. Great stuff.

Music Review – Dandelion War, “We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes”


Artist: Dandelion War
Album: We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes
Label: Deep Elm Records
RIYL: Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, Appleseed Cast, Moonlit Sailor, Antlers

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Music Review: The Dandelion War, We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes

Artist: Dandelion War
Album: We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes
Label: Deep Elm Records
RIYL: Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, Appleseed Cast, Moonlit Sailor, Antlers

It’s easy to get lost in the wasteland of post-rock, ambient, shoegaze bands. They seem to have saturated the music scene in the past few years, I blame Explosions In The Sky and Friday Night Lights. While most of these bands are capable in creating lush, ambient landscapes, most of these sounds bleed from one band to another making it hard for anyone to stand out. Enter Oakland, California’s Dandelion War. While they are very much in the same vein of these bands, Dandelion War seem to take the best elements of this sound and craft them into something wholly their own.

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Deep Elm Records releases video for Our Lost Infantry

Deep Elm Records has released a video for “All The Streetlights Of My Hometown” by progressive post-rock quartet OUR LOST INFANTRY from Aldershot, England. The video was shot in the Blefell Mountains in Telemark, Norway by director Jonas Grimeland.

“The band’s grand scheme was to create a near 40 minute piece of music made up of nine linked, perfectly flowing parts…in essence creating the world’s first post-rock opera.  It has strong leanings towards post-rock with layered vocals, gutsy riffs and fearless choruses. They created something astoundingly special, genuinely unique and unquestionably epic” says label founder John Szuch. Deep Elm will release the band’s stunning 9 track debut “The New Art History” worldwide on November 14, 2012.

Album Pre-Sales:
Album Preview: