Blu Ray Review: Robin Hood – Unrated Director’s Cut

Robin Hood (2010) – Unrated Director’s Cut (Blu-ray)
September 21, 2010 | Unrated | Region A | Universal

The Film  ★★★★☆ || Video ★★★★★ || Audio ★★★★★

Extras ★★★★☆ || Replay ★★★½☆ || Overall Rating: ★★★★½Â 


Ridley Scott’s deconstruction of the Robin Hood mythos and restructuring of the legend into a fully realized story was a gutsy move by the director.  Judging by word of mouth and critical reviews, the masses went in to Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood expecting something completely different.  The film’s marketing and highly deceptive trailers told us we were going to get the standard “gritty version” of the tale we’re all familiar with.  However, we were shown the exact opposite. 

Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood is a “prequel” of sorts.  This is the first part of a larger story.  Hence, Universal’s choice to name this film Robin Hood is extremely misleading to the standard movie goer.  This isn’t the story of “Robin of The Hood”.  This is the story of Robin Longstride, the man who would one day be known as Robin of The Hood.  This is a shame, because without pretenses, Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood is an epic medieval tale on the grandest scale very much worth your time.

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