Cow Abducted by UFO?

Cow Abducted by UFO?


This is a photo of a cow alledgedly being sucked through the air up to a UFO.  Yes.  A cow.

This is according to a report by journalist Guillermo Brasca in a report transmitted by the Telenoche program on Channel 3 in Rosario, Mexico.  A woman told Guillermo in an interview:

We went to have some mate with the kids, we were looking at the island and we were surprised to see some strange white thing flying. It was large. We made a close up with the camera and it was a cow flying, and above it, there was something like a flying saucer suspended in the air. It wasn’t a helicopter or an airplane. It seemed as if the cow was being sucked up by the flying saucer. Then they both vanished. I want to believe that’s what it was. To me, it was a UFO. I experienced it.

So, now UFOs are abducting farm animals.  Better start keeping your animals indoors, folks. 



[Source: Io9 via Inexplicata via Rosario3]