The GeekCouch: Collector’s Edition Podcast – Episode 5

October 26, 2010 in Podcast by Sean Duregger

Sean Duregger (@geekcouch) and guest host Jonnie Chang (@JonnieChang) discuss new DVD/BD Releases for October 26, 2010 including Winter’s Bone, The Girl Who Played With Fire and Sex and the City 2. Other topics include Back To The Future, The Alien Anthology, Paths of Glory (Criterion) and House (Criterion).

Show Notes

What we’ve Been Watching:

Night of the Demons

New Releases (theatrical or TV)

Sex and the City 2 (SKIP IT)
Winter’s Bone (RENT IT)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Complete Season Two (RENT IT)

Straight to Video

The Girl Who Played with Fire (RENT IT)
Altitude (RENT IT)
Lake Placid 3 (RENT IT?)
Attack on Darfur (Uwe Boll! Billy Zane! Edward Furlong! WTF??) (RENT IT)


Back to the Future
Alien Anthology
Paths of Glory (Criterion)
House (Criterion)
Maniac (30th Anniversary)
War of the Worlds: The Complete Series *

Picks of the Week:


* not discussed during the podcast