The Geekcouch: Backstage Pass – Episode 23

The Geekcouch: Backstage Pass – Episode 23


Discover Antillectual, Falling Off Maps, Melaena Cadiz, Dreamtigers, Adam Faucett. Hear an exclusive new song from Daniel G. Harmann’s upcoming Fastback Sessions episode!

Artist #1: Antillectual
Album: Perspectives And Objectives
Song: Pink Print
Release Date: Out Now (Digital)
Label: A-F Records

Artist #2: Falling Off Maps
Album: A Seaside Town In Winter
Song: All My Fears
Release Date: Out Now (Digital)
Label: Self Released

Artist #3: Melaena Cadiz
Album: Deep Below Heaven
Song: Needles River
Release Date: May 20th, 2014 (Pre-order)
Label: Wild Kindness

Artist #4: Dreamtigers
Album: Wishing Well
Song: Never Know
Release Date: Out Now (Digital | CD | Vinyl)
Label: Broken Circles

Artist #5: Adam Faucett
Album: Blind Water
Song: Poet Song
Release Date: Out Now (Spotify | CD/Vinyl Pre-order)
Label: Last Chance Records

Artist #6: Daniel G. Harmann
Album: Fastback Sessions 4
Song: Follow Building Lines
Release Date: April 8th, 2014 (Digital | Vinyl)
Label: Self Released