Movie Trailer: Powder Blue

Movie Trailer: Powder Blue

Powder Blue: Feature Trailer
music by Didier Lean Rachou

Powder Blue: Teaser Trailer
music by The Soul’s Release (Dripping Whispers)

[UPDATED] Credits for the music used in each trailer added.  This film’s going to have a great soundtrack (Thanks to post commentators James McKee and serpico).

There were rumblings that Powder Blue was the “Jessica Biel plays a stripper and gets naked” movie.  However, looking at the trailer, it looks like there’s something more substantial here.

Plot Synopsis after the jump (it’s a bit of a read):

A city of ten million people, Los Angeles is built on dreams of fame where glitz and glamour dominate the topical landscape. But beneath the tabloid headlines and the flashing cameras lies a city whose people are desperate for an identity, a connection, and a reason to hope…

Charlie Bishop is a former priest who has lost his faith. He finds himself on a mission to free himself struggling with his former religious beliefs and ethics. He loads two bullets into a gun and with fifty thousand dollars in the trunk of his car he roams the streets searching for someone desperate enough to pull the trigger in exchange for the money. Charlie soon learns that his mission may not be so easily fulfilled, even desperate people value life.

On the other side of town, a former hit-man drifts in an out of consciousness on a city bus. Jack Doheny recently released from a twenty-five year stint in prison has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. In a morphine induced haze he finds comfort and solitude in the freezing waters of the Pacific Ocean before settling a score with an old friend. Knowing that any breath could be his last he sets out to find redemption in an unknown world where the only familiar things are faded mementos of a past love found through a young woman named Rose-Johnny.

Rose-Johnny is a single mother who recently moved to Los Angels with dreams of becoming a star, yet her vision is compromised when her son is seriously injured in an accident. She lives alone in a motel and dances at a gentleman’s club to cover the enormous hospital bills. Her only prayer is that her son will wake up from his coma, and her only comfort is her beloved dog Rudy. One night after another awkward and unsuccessful date, she returns to the motel to find her dog missing. Grief stricken and panicked she roams the streets searching fruitlessly.

Meanwhile, Charlie has moved into the same hotel.  One night he encounters Qwerty Doolittle, an eccentric mortician who spends his days helping the less fortunate in times of need. His empathy and charitable tendencies have put him in serious debt and in grave danger of losing his business. With Charlie’s money and gun, Qwerty has a decision to make. But like others before him, Qwerty turns down Charlie’s offer.

Fate will cause these four strangers to cross paths through extraordinary and serendipitous circumstances. Epiphany’s will be had, truths will be revealed, some hearts will shatter and others will heal. Fear will be overcome by courage, and ultimately in one way or the other, love will be found. [TrailerAddict]

Release date and distributor are currently unknown.

  • James McKee

    I am looking forward to this film. Hopefully I won't be disappointed.

    Liked the music in this, especially the last bit with the heavy guitars. Anyone know what song/band it is?

  • dureggersc

    Not sure what band was used for this trailer. I'll do some research. I know that the band The Soul's Release had their song Dripping Whispers used for the teaser trailer to Powder Blue.

    • serpico

      I was curious too.

      I kept digging and eventually checked out the composer of Powder Blue's website.

      On the news page it says "the new trailer features his score exclusively."
      There are also some audio clips on his music page which are in the trailer.

      Check it out.

  • dureggersc

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • kyriakos

    yeah thats true but that heavy guitar part at the end of the trailer isnt in any of didier lean rachou songs…and i dunno where to find it aaargh

  • KHamm

    Just watched the movie. A decent night's entertainment. The soundtrack is excellent!! I have no idea if it's out, but as of tonight it isn't listed on Amazon. And yes, you get to see a naked Jessica Biel. Doesn't hurt the movie any, I guess.

    • dureggersc

      I've heard so-so reviews on this. Not rushing out to see it, and I'm not one to check out a movie just because of a naked actress. Interested in the soundtrack, though….I'll keep an eye out…

  • Jacek

    long time I’m looking for music from movie “Powder Blue”. If somebody know where I can buy CD or mp3 please send me link in [email protected]