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Corey Haim Interviewed by Slashfilm


Ever wonder what happened to Corey Haim? Well, Slashfilm‘s Hunter Stephenson caught up with him to talk about his role in Crank 2 and the possibility of Lost Boys 3.

Here’s a sample:

[Slashfilm's Hunter Stephenson] I’ve spoken to a few of the people involved with the sequel behind-the-scenes [of Lost Boys 2]. I still don’t get it how out turned out so shitty. And you agree that it sucked…

Corey Haim: Man, absolutely. No offense to the crew and cast. They did a great job.

So, now there’s talk about Lost Boys 3. It seems to be happening.

Corey Haim: There’s always ideas being kicked around. There’s talk about number four and number five. The Lost Girls. Just different people at the office. But it’s too late. They should have done it years ago, or just done it properly. It’s way too late. That’s just my opinion.

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Bruno Promises to be More Controversial, More Offensive, and Funnier Than Borat


Attendees to SXSW were treated with about 20 minutes of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat follow-up Brüno.  Response was apparently amazing.  I’ve heard reports of riotous laughter for the full 20 minutes and people saying it is even funnier than Borat.  The buzz is that it’s even more hilarious, offensive and controversial, which has me curious.

I’ll see about getting a movie trailer posted soon.

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