Music Review – On Being Human, “eVe”

Music Review – On Being Human, “eVe”


Artist: On Being Human
Album: eVe
Label: Self Released

On Being Human is a band that appeared on my radar after I discovered their clever covers of video game themes on with their web series “The Humans Are Coming.” The life they breathed into these themes (especially Metroid and Street Fighter) was impressive. Jumping off the momentum of this show, the band has released their new EP, eVe.

This isn’t the band’s first release, they’ve released a couple other EP’s as well as a 2010 full length To Light The Coals Of Our Hearts. Honestly, their 2010 album did nothing for me, however eVe is a HUGE step up from the blandness of that album. The songs on eVe are memorable, concise and seem to compliment one another. These songs are more akin to the band’s 2011 single Addicted which introduces a ferocity and edge missing from Coals. My favorite song on the EP, Dream Garden is a perfect example of this.

The rest of eVe seems to tone down some of that ferocity but substitutes some electronic elements and production value that work most of the time. While this EP is superbly commercial and will no doubt turn a lot of heads, some of the bite I’ve come to love from both the song “Addicted” and their “RetroWare” songs has been watered down. There are moments, as illustrated in the EP’s strongest track “Dream Garden” but the album as a whole leaves me somewhat wanting. Especially when it comes to the cover song on this EP.

While most people love covers, the band’s cover of Tears For Fears’ “Shout” is serviceable but to me, this is the EP’s lowest point and at almost 6 minutes the song wears out it’s welcome fast. eVe starts out strong, but unfortunately ends on a whimper making the EP feel unfinished.

Looking back at their discography, On Being Human’s 2013 EP eVe is their strongest music to date, a launching pad for bigger and better things. From here on out, On Being Human is more confident than ever and have only began to mine their potential.

Rating: ★★★★☆